• 10Oct

    Welcome to Quikki.tv

    • QUIKKI.TV is about being funny, smart, irreverent and edgy top line information in quick time.
    • It is all about the best kept secrets, what’s hot and what’s happening in and around specific cities, its intelligent comment, its different and unique, its business, its fashion, its lifestyle, its scandalous, its racy.
    • QUIKKI.TV is distributed online, mobile where ever you want it to be.
    • QUIKKI.TV  is informative up to date digital media content that can be accessed anywhere.
    • QUIKKI.TV content can either be downloaded, played anywhere, its your content, news, weather, parties, animations, jokes, its yours.
    • In the same vein as so you think you can ….   So you think you to can be a QUIKKI.TV reporter
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